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Even as a now business class traveler, I still bring this with me just in case. You never know when you might need to disguise your passport and cards in a safe and unnoticeable place. I've been using this Eagle Creek RFID Blocker Money Belt since I was in my early twenties, and it just makes me feel safe and secure when traveling especially alone. 

Having a few TSA Approved Locks on hand is always a necessity for your frequent traveler. I not only use these locks for my checked bags, but also my carry-ons and even purses or laptop cases. I like these specific ones because they can pretty much fit around any lock or handle, they're flexible and durable. 

This one's for the ladies. Honestly, I've never really liked to carry around big, heavy purses. But I do like a convenient sling that I can carry my important things in yet don't have to worry about. I own two of these Knomo Elektronista clutches (one in black and one in tan), and am always traveling with them now. On my Expedition, I did not carry one, but for my business travel, I never leave the house without one. In this case, you get what you pay for. This clutch is complete with a 5000mAh battery and micro USB charging cable, and best of all, you have a special KNOMO ID that if found, the person can return to you through your portal. 

Preparing for such extended solo travel to so many precarious nations involved searching high and low for the perfect Satellite GPS tracker that would both allow my parents to feel at ease knowing where I was while also collecting physical proof for Guinness World Records. Initially, I was happy with SPOT, as it tracked me throughout the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe. But once I started traveling around Africa, the Middle East and the Pacific, there were copious amounts of grey areas. While I wouldn't highly recommend this device, it was the best one I'd tried out (and I wasted my money on several various devices), but it was something.


Countless times I found myself relying on an extra charge, and since I'm such a huge fan of Knomo's products, I of course used theirs on my Expedition. This portable battery is both light weight, sleek, and has quite a bit of life to it. Highly recommended!

Trust me when I say that I've gone through an obscene amount of universal adaptors in my lifetime, and I was absolutely thrilled when Knomo sent me this one! To this day, I slide it in my bag and am on my way. It's so lightweight, but more importantly it is not bulky at all and in fact, the exact opposite. Some of those other adaptors are so round and heavy, it makes bringing one such a hassle, and half the time, they don't even work! Highly recommend this Knomo adaptor for your next trip!

I am all about this Knomo cell phone folio case. I'll tell you why. First of all, I find it useful to have all of my important things within one place; ID, credit cards, extra pieces of paper with important things written down, whatever it might be. Sure, if you lose it, it's a bad thing, but everything is nearly replaceable, just be sure to back up your phone every day! Another cool thing about this case, is you can discretely take pictures of things that you might otherwise feel uncomfortable to do so in public. I get nervous whipping out my phone in some countries to take pictures; with this case I can just hold it up to my chest as I'm also holding my bag, and can take pics. It's a weird feature that I used in a lot of places.

When it comes to headphones, I'm very picky. I've become very used to the ease and convenience of bluetooth headphones and have been using these aHead headphones for over a year now. So far, nothing has beat the functionality, sound, style and just ease of packing them along for a trip. 


I just love the fact that this backpack is so sleek in design and also fits as a carry on. Why lug around a massive, bulky backpack and stand out as a backpacker (that, by the way, has caused me many issues at border control!) when you can wear this discrete, functional and sophisticated pack! This pack became my best friend in countries like Syria, Yemen and Pakistan where I didn't want to stand out so much. 

This pack is my absolute go-to to carry Kishmere in during flights, road trips and travel in general. Kishmere is my current 8 month old Persian kitten who is about 6-7lbs and fits more than comfortably in this super breathable and fun pack! He will be fully grown in a few months and currently, when he sits up inside the pack.. there is about a 5 inch gap between the top of his head and top of the inside of the pack, so even when full grown, I believe he'll continue to be super comfy in this pack. Highly recommended! Cat lover or hater, this is a crowd pleaser for sure :). 

To date, I have yet to find my perfect carry-on suitcase, but for now, the Incase 22 inch carry-on will do! It is sleek and has everything one could need for a quick weekend trip. I find the suitcase to be very durable and a plus is the cover that comes along with it to prevent scratches and dirt. I prefer this suitcase when traveling in luxury for short trips because of it's sleek design. Though I prefer the Bluesmart Carry-On when it comes to longer trips that involve more flights, or if I'm traveling in a sketchy area, due to the ability to track my luggage should it become lost in transit (if I decide to check) or stolen. 

This pack is awesome for the adventurous, content creator traveler. If you love to take your camera gear and electronics with you (including tripod!) then the 32 SOVRN Drifter is the perfect pack. I took this with me on 90% of the Expedition and it held up really well. It's a wonderful company with a really kind Owner that will make sure you get the best experience with your pack. Highly recommended for either a weekend trip or, if you're like me, a 2 year Expedition! Plus, it's carry-on size, which is great.


Though it is on the pricier side, I've been using this stuff for years and swear by it. I'm not huge into wearing makeup, so when I feel like I need a little color, I will add a dime sized portion of this Dr. Hauschka Bronzing Tint to my face and neck. I'll put it on in the morning after washing my face, and I find it to be very hydrating and last all day. Being prone to acne, I do not find this product oily whatsoever and it is breathable in that it does not cause breakouts (for me, at least). I love this stuff!

This is another product that's, yes, a bit pricy, but worth it for skin health. I'll admit, I am not great at using sunscreen, I hate how cakey it can feel sometimes and it always makes me break out. But since finding the Jose Marin Sunscreen, I've never gone back. I bring it with me wherever I travel, it even came with me on the Expedition, and I found it light and hydrating! It's also got great ingredients. 

Yet another natural product with great ingredients and one that I swear by. It's both a scrub and cleanser, which I love (having acne-prone skin). It smells amazing and makes me feel so refreshed afterwards. The tube makes it easy and compact to travel with as well. I love this Dr. Hauschka Cream Cleanser so much, it never left my side during the Expedition. 

This Ouai Dry Shampoo is a must for travel. I love that it comes in a little travel size and it works pretty well! The best thing to have on hand especially when traveling. Why waste time washing your hair every day when you could be out exploring?! This stuff comes in handy.


Primally Pure has a whole range of products, but by far my favorite is their natural deodorant. They even have travel sizes. I brought it with me throughout my entire Expedition and even use it to this day. I love the Lemongrass scent. If you add a lip balm into your basket (Lavender is my favorite) and then enter the code "LoveCassie" at checkout, you'll get a free lip balm! You're welcome :). 

When I travel, I find it disgusting that at times, there's no cup to place my toothbrush in, so I'm left laying it over my bag. It's an annoyance for those of us who would like a sanitary place to keep our toothbrushes when they're not in use. I love this Toothbrush Case because when it's not sanitizing your toothbrush, it's a great place to lay it down without touching the counter while keeping it away from germs. 

Personally, I can't stand the harsh chemicals or smells of normal hand sanitizer, and if I could buy a product that worked and also made me feel calmer, then that'd be a win-win. I love this Milk + Honey Hand Purifier mainly because of the scent; you really can't go wrong with Lavender Eucalyptus. Plus, it's made with organic and few ingredients, score!


We all know how common it can be to experience nausea, which is why having these Gin-Gin's on hand really helps. They're sweet and delicious but also pack a punch when it comes to ginger, which also relieves nausea. I get sea and car sick, so chewing on one of these when I start to feel it coming on, is a total savior for me!

If you're anything like me, stress and anxiety is your middle name while traveling. I love to wind down in the evenings after a long day, and the best way for me to do that is to light a candle by the bedside or on the edge of a hot bath. I love these Lavender scented Travel Candles by Henri Bendel because they're small, compact, and the tin is totally reusable for little things like tea bags or rings. 

Let's be honest, if you're feeling run down or that you're on the edge of getting sick, the most important thing is sleep and hydration. I don't take pills to help me sleep, but instead, I'll turn my phone off or on low-light sleep mode, and make myself a hot cup of sleep tea with a shot of apple cider vinegar (if available) and a squeeze of a whole lemon (always). I love this Sleep Tea, and find that one bag works wonders when I'm already tired, and two bags if I'm feeling insomnia. 


While I love running around in my Adidas most of the time, I do enjoy wearing my Koio's all other times. I find that I can dress them up or down, and they're super stylish and comfortable for a travel shoe. I am not the type of traveler that enjoys wearing flip flops or sandals, I find them uncomfortable when walking around all day, and oftentimes I'll find that plain old sneakers or even my Adidas don't match my outfit. So, throwing a pair of these in my bag along with my running shoes is all I really need. 

This one might sound strange, but you wouldn't believe how much time one wastes by taking their shoes on/off at security, and how much time could be saved by simply wearing these no-tie laces on travel days. I usually wear my comfy shoes on travel days, which is usually my running shoes. These are not only helpful for getting in/out of security in a more timely manner, but it helps makes runs or training faster. Definitely invest in a pair of these if you can!

Oh boy, these are my go-to running shoes and have been for over a year now. They're hands down the most comfortable for both running, sprinting, weight training and walking distances. I love my Ultra Boosts, and have them in two colors now. THE BEST. 


Another important one. Keep up with your fitness with ease with these resistance bands. All you need is one packed in your bag, they takee up barely an inch of space and are so worth it!

Whether or not you're an athlete, it's important to invest in just one resistance band in order to stay healthy and fit while on the road. You don't need a gym when you have one of these, they're easy to use in your hotel room for resistance exercises. I carried one (red one) with me on my Expedition and it proved to be very useful.

Now, I'm bias because I am an iPhone user, which is why I find the Apple Watch to be a perfect companion to track my workouts when traveling; whether it's swimming (the Gen 3 is fully water proof), running, biking, morning walks or lifting, I find the watch to be an efficient training companion. I love that it syncs to my phone and the only reason why I'd choose it over the FitBit is because since it connects to my phone, I don't miss important calls or e-mails while I am away from my phone. Highly recommended.


Sure, you could go with just any eye pillow, but I find the Slip Silk Sleep Mask to be so comfortable compared to all the rest. It blocks out light and it's easy on the eyes. The only issue with this pillow is it doesn't come with a case, which is annoying when you're traveling and you want to preserve the softness of it all. 

For the record, I'm probably one of the most sensitive sleepers out there. If a pin drops on the floor, I'm up and at 'em and there's a slim chance I'll go back to bed after that. So, for the past decade, I've tried to find the perfect noise cancelling ear buds, which became even more important during the Expedition, since sleeping anywhere and everywhere was so important to carrying on. Either they'd fall out, get stuck inside or wouldn't block the noise. While I have yet to find the perfect ones, these Quiet Zone Plugs got the job done; they are reusable, washable, and came with a compact and sanitary carrying case, which I loved.

In all honesty, I've yet to find the perfect, most compatible and comfortable travel pillow, but now that I travel mainly for business, I do enjoy the Ostrich Pillow and it's sleek and sophisticated appearance, not to mention that it has that full, 360 degree support, which is tough to find. My head tends to fall forward, so the design of most travel pillows has me usually turning it clockwise to get the full frontal support. For the backpackers out there, I used the Cabeau Travel Pillow, which worked fine for me, and was indeed compatible, though not entirely to my liking (I had to hang it outside my pack since it'd take up too much room inside), it still got the job done. For inflatable pillow recommendations for the super light traveler out there, go for this one from Eagle Creek. 

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